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Your number one source of island-hopping inspiration: We are your guide to discovering the islands and creating your own adventure. We'll take you to the Bahamas beyond: Beyond the tourist zones and beyond the beaten path.

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The best place for culturally curious travelers to find and book authentic things to do in the Islands of The Bahamas, including our exclusive experiences: Local Island Adventures and Luxury Layovers. Travel that ain't ordinary is our guarantee.

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A community of island-hoppers who cherish and embrace the sweetness of island living. We love the salt life and we indulge in a lifestyle that feeds our island souls. Membership opportunities coming soon.

About the Founder

Noelle Khalila Nicolls

Noelle Khalila, founder and chief visionary officer, is a creative soul living a life of passion and purpose. She is a wild adventurer whose island-hopping, globe-trotting journeys have taken her to African mountain tops, Malaysian rivers, and most importantly, over 23 islands and major cays in the Islands of The Bahamas. She embodies the spirit of the Domestic Tourist, as the number one champion of travel to the Out Islands and the preeminent purveyor of authentic local experiences.

Her inspiration for The Domestic Tourist came out of a tragic event that changed the course of her life completely. Noelle's business partner, best friend, and future husband was diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer. He died three months after. And as she navigated her way back to life, Noelle took a week-long healing journey to Long Island, The Bahamas. With a backpack, a bicycle, a tent and about $200, Noelle traveled over 40 miles from the North to the South of Long Island, discovering, exploring and teaching herself to live again.

In reconnecting with her island soul, Noelle found healing and inspiration to share her passion for island-hopping with the world.

``The ocean is everything I live to be: beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.`` Author Unknown

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