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“Some call it Vacation. We call it Home!”

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The Domestic Tourist is the #1 Island Hopping Travel Blog in The Bahamas. Find inspiration for your next trip to the Islands of the Bahamas. Live by the Domestic Tourist Creed – Live Better. Travel More. We’re on a mission to promote and incentivize travel to the Family Islands, the hidden jewels of The Bahamas. The blog generates greater exposure and a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders and culture of the Bahamas and the spirit of the Bahamian people. It stimulates interest in travel across the Islands of the Bahamas, and empower travelers with creative ideas and useful tips for exploring the Bahamas.

Noelle Khalila: The Domestic Tourist - writer, photographer and island explorer - is an island woman who has traveled the world: Italy and France, Nigeria and Kenya, Alaska and New York. One thing that doesn’t change, no matter where she goes, how far she crosses the ocean, the Bahamas remains her first love. Read more about how Noelle Khalila became smitten by the Islands of the Bahamas.

Bahamian Journalist and Entrepreneur

Noelle Khalila Nicolls also heads the Features Department at The Tribune newspaper, one of the leading dailies in the Bahamas. Her investigative talent, keen insight and engaging writing style have propelled her to the forefront of the profession. She is also the founder and chief executive officer of Q-Tech Communications, a boutique consulting firm in Nassau, Bahamas offering media and communication services.

To contract the writing or editorial consulting services of The Domestic Tourist contact Q-Tech Communications.