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Experience authentic home-cooking with a uniquely Bahamian-Jamaican household. Fun social-dining in a traditional island-style backyard with a one of a kind road trip. With the Nicolls family as your guide, travel beyond the tourist zone to experience food, family, lively conversation and local island adventure.

WEEKLY: Saturdays @8.30 am | 3-Hr Excursion
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  • Vacation Style Experience
  • Activity Level Leisurely
  • Max Group Size Large Group
All about the BACKYAAD BRUNCH.


The Road Trip

Explore historic communities, marquee landmarks and cultural attractions that are off-the-beaten-path, like Fox Hill Village, one of the first free African settlements after emancipation. Discover parts of New Providence where regular people live. At the most eastern point of the island, stop for a beach-front Instagram photo opp. Meet a family of cultural icons, who are close friends to the Nicolls family: The Burnsides, renowned artists and cultural activists.


Each Saturday the menu is set with either boil fish or a special gourmet stew fish. Special requests are available for groups of six. The repertoire of the husband and wife chef duo is extensive. Blueberry pancakes or cheesy biscuits and smoked salmon are American-style family favorites. And the Nicolls family never gets tired of Caribbean comfort food, especially Jamaican ackee and saltfish, prepared traditionally or on bammy pizzas an in homemade hot pockets.

The Backyaad

The Nicolls backyard is a natural playground of native fruit trees, including mangos, guavas, wax apples and breadfruit. Year round there are often fruits in season, which you can pick from the tree. Brunch takes place on the outdoor “Rainforest Patio”.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

  • 2-seats at shared table
    (Overall seating for 8-guests)
  • Round trip group transportation with personal driver
  • Island road trip guided by local host
  • Backyard native fruit orchard experience
  • Home-cooked brunch and social dining
    (Fixed menu. Add-ons available by request)
  • Native fruit mimosas
  • Home-brewed Jamaican Blue Moutain coffee
  • Family cookbook and other complimentary gifts


  • 4-seats at shared table: 2 adults + 2 children
    (Available for families with children under-12)
  • Fixed Bahamian menu + American-style breakfast options for children
    (Add-ons available by request)
  • $40/person (each additional child)
  • $100/person (each additional adult)
  • + “Standard Package” Inclusions


  • Exclusive table (8 Adults)
  • Free for children*
    (4-seats available for children under-12)
  • Fixed Bahamian menu + American-style breakfast options for children
    (Add-ons available by request)
  • + “Standard Package” Inclusions
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


Regrettably, this tour is not suitable for guests with:

  • Cat allergies
  • Nut allergies
  • Seafood allergies
  1. 8.30 am Pick-Up Meet and greet with the Nicolls

    One of the Nicolls family members will personally greet guests in the lobby of their hotels before everyone is wheeled off in a chauffeur-driven private car for the road trip

  2. Montagu Fish Market Eastern Landmark

    The first point of interest on the road trip is the Montagu Fish Market, which is a traditional open-air market, where fishermen bring their daily hauls to sell fresh on the dock. Learn how to buy fish the Bahamian way.

  3. Fox Hill Village Historical Attraction

    Fox Hill is an historic African township, which derived its name from Samuel Fox, an enslaved African who was freed and granted 23.5 acres of land in 1801. The original settlers were from the Yoruba, Nango, Congo and Ebo Tribes of Africa.

  4. The Burnside Family Local Encounter

    The legacy of the Burnside family in the Bahamas is without comparison. The Nicolls family and the Burnsides grew up together in the 1950s, in historic communities off East Street. On this local encounter, guests receive a personal introduction to the creative mastery of the Burnsides, cherished family friends.

  5. Yamacraw Beach Instagram Opportunity

    Yamacraw Beach demarks the most eastern point of New Providence Island. This is a popular spot for locals to hang out and cool off. It is not the best beach in New Providence, but for locals who live in the east, it is their cherished slice of the coast.

  6. Native Fruit Orchard Backyard Experience

    Explore the Nicolls’ backyard and learn stories about all of the native fruit trees that make up their home orchard, like ”Heaven”, the stringy mango tree or ”Infinity”, the breadfruit tree; or ”Comfort”, the otahiti apple. When fruits are in season, pick them freshs off the tree.

  7. 10 am Brunch Social Dining Experience

    Brunch is served on the back patio, named ”the Rainforest Patio” by the Nicolls family. Each Saturday the menu is fixed with a single item: either traditional boil fish or a special Nicolls stew fish with shrimp and lobster, served with home-made Johnny Cake and grits. For children, the fixed menu includes regular or blueberry pancakes or bacon and eggs. Burnch is served with mimosas, sometimes mixed with passion fruit off the backyard vine. It is capped off with home-brewed Blue Mountain Coffee all the way from Jamaica.

  8. 11.30 am Drop-Off Sweet goodbyes

    A member of the Nicolls family will personally escort guest back to their resort. By this time, having met as strangers, they leave as friends and family.

About the Nicolls Family

Family Tradition

Brunch is a long-cherished family ritual that keeps Donna and Teran connected to their adult children and soon to be daughter-in-law. On this culinary adventure, you experience the ritual of food and family as one of the Nicolls’ many house guests.

Donna Nicolls

Donna keeps the doors of her home open, literally. It’s a reflection of her open heart. She is a fierce community leader and human rights activist with a love for people: that includes entertaining them on the Rainforest Patio or caring for them in the community or her counseling office. In her civic life, she is committed to empowering survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence and to being a change-maker for equality and human rights.

Teran Nicolls

Donna may have owned a bakery for 18 years, but it is Teran, Chef Emerald in his own mind, who is head chef at brunch-time, and the real baker of the family. This natural storyteller sheds the rigidity of his day job as an engineer and shares his undercover culinary talents at meal time.

Noelle Nicolls

Noelle is a globetrotter, a human rights activist and a mentor to young girls. She is the visionary behind The Domestic Tourist and a passionate journalist, entrepreneur, and business consultant.

Rande and Khalila Nicolls

Don’t ask Rande and Khalila when the wedding is. They are engaged so just run with that. Rande and Khallia are often the first to leave breakfast because boating and beaching or flag football and studying are always on their schedule.

Patricia Chambers

Aunt Pat is an adopted family member and full-time guest for family brunch, which is the polite term for a squatter. She is also a teacher, a breast cancer survivor, a storyteller and a no-nonsense straight talker.

Donna, Teran and Noelle are the primary hosts of this social dining experience. Other family members drop in from time to time.

The Rainforest Patio

The Rainforest Patio is the pet name for the Nicolls’ outdoor back patio. Their home is located in the Sea Breeze community of eastern New Providence. The backyard is a classic island playground with climbing trees and fruits galore.

When ripe, guests can pick fruits from the passion fruit vine or the guava, mango and wax apple trees inside the yard. Jamaican themed mornings often feature ackee and breadfruit harvested from the backyard. When passion fruit is in season, brunch includes passion fruit mimosas and fresh juice.



Boil fish is a brothy fish soup that is usually prepared with a meaty Bahamian fish like grouper or hogfish. It is a complete meal with potato as its starch and a side of Johnny Cake or yellow grits. The rich broth gets its flavor from the slow-boiled fish steeped in onions, pepper and lime.

Traditional stew fish features fried fish cutlets stewed down in a thick and flavorful soup. The fish is usually a meaty grouper, snapper or hogfish. In the Nicolls household, however, stew fish comes with non-traditional extras like lobster, shrimp, potatoes, and corn.

Johnny Cake is a slightly sweet quick bread similar to a scone or biscuit. It is a traditional side eaten with Bahamian soups and stews. The alternate to Johnny Cake is usually yellow corn grits.

Pancakes and omelets are always available for children on request.

Jamaican brunch is available on request. Standard options include ackee and saltfish or run down (which is salted mackerel stewed in coconut milk).

Overall Rating
Helen Greer Campbell
Reviewed On 30/09/2017

If one wishes a great brunch experience, then dining on the Rainforest Patio with the Nicolls family is top of the line. On one occasion, a rather feisty member of the family asked me if I had come just for the good food. "Of course" was my quick response. However, as I sat, having enjoyed the wonderful meal, I knew that the warmth, ambiance and the lively discussions were just as important as the food itself. Good food, family, love, fun, and laughter make for joy immeasurable.

Patricia Chambers
Reviewed On 29/09/2017

Brunch on the Rainforest Patio is a wonderful start to the week. The ambiance and extraordinary food could easily be the highlight of the experience. However, in these times where people rarely make eye contact, it is always a pleasure to sit and enjoy stimulating conversation on a range of topics with my Nicolls family. I am so happy they adopted me years ago.